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Traditionally, the first component of the signal chain is to acoustically treat the space you are recording in. At Kaotica, we believe the recording space to be inconsequential, so we shifted our focus on treating the microphone. The variables of sound nuances within recording environments are greatly reduced, enabling you to consistently capture studio quality tracks.


The Eyeball allows the modern musician, producer or engineer, to by-pass the traditional barriers to studio quality recordings in non-studio environments. By channeling sound directly to the microphone, and capturing the true tonality of the vocal, the Eyeball reduces the need for excess equalization in post-production processing, allowing you to focus on what you do best, create music!


Save time and money by treating your microphone instead of treating your recording space. It’s as simple as inserting your microphone, reattaching the pop filter and there you have it! No nuts, bolts or intricate components of assembly. The Eyeball is extremely light weight, portable and literally sets up in seconds, providing a simple, affordable and effective isolation solution for your rig.


Weighing in at 5 ounces, the Kaotica Eyeball is easy to pack and carry, making it great for travel. Now you’ve got a portable vocal booth that can travel with you wherever inspiration strikes: whether in your home studio or the big studio, the tour bus or the hotel room, now you can record studio quality tracks anytime, anyplace.


Eliminate the barriers and walls within a studio. Now the artist and the sound professionals can vibe in one space, allowing for a harmonious recording session. Alternatively, achieve collaborative communication and flexibility by providing your engineer studio quality tracks by using your Eyeball outside of the studio.

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